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Lightweight Pitch Cover
Lightweight Pitch Cover
Used by 1st Class Grounds, Clubs and Schools Around NZ
- Lightweight material

- Flat weave design and special lamination makes covers completely waterproof

- Smooth, slippery surface to reduce wear on covers and minimise resistance when pulling

- Reinforced welds and eyelets

- Cover sizes made to order

-Reinforced handles (optional)

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Club Pitch Cover
Club Pitch Cover
Heavier Alternative of Lightweight Covers
- Increased strength and tear resistance

- Balance of weigth versus strength

- Flat weave design and special lamination making covers completely waterproof

- All covers made to size

- Reinforced eyelets

- Reinforced handles (optional)

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Hessian Cover
Hessian Cover
Protects pitch from sweating and softening
- Use under flat covers to prevent pitch from sweating and softening.

- Use on hot days to prevent pitch drying out excessively.

- Strong, absorbent material.

- 27m x 3.6m

$169.00 $194.35 inc. GST
Hessian Cover with Eyelets
Hessian Cover with Eyelets
12 Reinforced Eyelets
- 27m x 3.6m hessian

- 12 reinforced metal eyelet

- Allows hessian to be pegged down

$239.00 $274.85 inc. GST
Cover Repair Tape
Cover Repair Tape
Specifically designed for pitch covers
- Ideal for patching small holes in covers
- Strong adhesive tape
- 20m x 100mm

$65.00 $74.75 inc. GST
Cover Repairs
Covers need repairing?
We can:

- fix tears or holes

- reduce the size of large covers

- add handles to existing covers
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