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Plifix Permanent Markers
Plifix Permanent Markers
Don't waste time re-measuring!
- Permanent markers for sports fields
- Insert into ground to clearly define corners of field
- No need to re-measure pitch each season
- Free applicator tool when you order 25 or more
- Pack of 25 - $199 

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$8.50 $9.77 inc. GST
IGO Line Marking Machine
IGO Line Marking Machine
The best and most convenient-to-use line marking machine available - line marking made easy!
- Can be used with our Impact ready to use paint, traditional concentrates and specialty paints (hard and synthetic paints etc)
- Large rechargeable battery
- Heavy duty pump
- Includes onboard water container for quick flushing of lines
- Supplied complete with a range of different nozzles and spare filters
- Adjustable width roller discs 
- Pneumatic tyres - excellent stability and maneuverability - smooth ride on all surfaces
- Simple on/off switch 
- Compatible with our wide range of accessories

$1895.00 $2179.25 inc. GST
Superline Turf Paint Concentrate
Superline Turf Paint Concentrate
Economy White Turf Paint
- Traditional line marking concentrate
- Generally mixed with water and sprayed at higher rates than Impact
- Remarking 1:8 (paint:water)
- Initial Mark 1:4 (paint:water)
- Bright, rain resistant and long lasting
- 10L jug - easy to carry and pour

$45.00 $51.75 inc. GST
Dazzle Turf Paint Concentrate
Dazzle Turf Paint Concentrate
Extra Bright Lines
- Suitable for spray and wheel line marking machines
- Remarking 1:10 (paint:water)
- Initial Mark 1:5 (paint:water)
- 10L jug - easy to carry and pour

$99.00 $113.85 inc. GST
Primeline Colour Concentrate
Primeline Colour Concentrate
Highly quality coloured paint
- Available in black, red, blue, yellow and orange
- Dilute at up to 7:1 water:paint for overmarking
- 10L jugs 

$85.00 $97.75 inc. GST
Athletics Track Guide
Athletics Track Guide
Low cost guide for use with the iGO Mini
- Simply line up the guide with inside line to ensure consistent parallel lines
- Designed for the iGO Mini 

$149.00 $171.35 inc. GST
Measuring Tape 100m
Measuring Tape 100m
Open fibreglass tape measure
- 50m tape also available  
$69.00 $79.35 inc. GST
150m String Line
150m String Line
- Yellow string line on hand reel
$17.00 $19.55 inc. GST

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