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IGO Line Marking Machine
IGO Line Marking Machine
The best and most convenient-to-use line marking machine available - line marking made easy!
- Can be used with our Impact ready to use paint, traditional concentrates and specialty paints (hard and synthetic paints etc)
- Large rechargeable battery
- Heavy duty pump
- Includes onboard water container for quick flushing of lines
- Supplied complete with a range of different nozzles and spare filters
- Adjustable width roller discs 
- Pneumatic tyres - excellent stability and maneuverability - smooth ride on all surfaces
- Simple on/off switch 
- Compatible with our wide range of accessories

$1895.00 $2179.25 inc. GST
iGO Mini Line Marking Machine
iGO Mini Line Marking Machine
A superb line marking for clubs and schools with a small number of sports fields
- Low cost professional line marker
- Similar to the iGO but with a smaller battery and carrying capacity
- Designed to carry 5L containers
- Simple on-off switch
- Adjustable with roller spray guide discs
- Heavy duty pump 
- Pneumatic tyres
- Rechargeable battery - note battery will last for approximately 90 minutes of continuous spraying
- Special Introductory Price 

$995.00 $1144.25 inc. GST
Athletics Track Guide
Athletics Track Guide
Low cost guide for use with the iGO Mini
- Simply line up the guide with inside line to ensure consistent parallel lines
- Designed for the iGO Mini 

$149.00 $171.35 inc. GST
Athletics Track Boom
Athletics Track Boom
Quickly mark 3 parallel athletics track lines at once
- For use with the iGO (not the iGO Mini)
- Suitable for turf or hard surface paints
- Adjustable width marker discs
- Sturdy frame
- Pneumatic tyres for effortless and smooth movement
- Easy to attach and remove 

$595.00 $684.25 inc. GST
Spray Boom
Spray Boom
Converts the iGO into a walk behind sprayer
- Three spray nozzles
- 1.5m wide spray boom
- Heavy duty pump applies consistent spray
- Adjustable height
- Roust frame
- Easy to attach and remove
- Designed for the iGO only (not suitable for iGO Mini)

$695.00 $799.25 inc. GST
Hand Lance
Hand Lance
Ideal for spot marking and spraying
- Easy to use
- Hand-held lever activation 

$185.00 $212.75 inc. GST
Square Discs
Square Discs
Provides an even sharper line
- Designed for marking hard surfaces and artificial fields
$95.00 $109.25 inc. GST
Ride On Kit
Ride On Kit
Fast, easy line marking 

- Ideal for councils and contractors
- Using Impact or Impact XP you can spray a full work day with only 5-6 10L jugs
- No mixing, no mess and much less weight on your turf
- Can be attached to most utility vehicles
- Simple two way valve for quickly cleaning lines and nozzle between sites 
- Easily swap between different colours 
- Locking, retractable arm for ease of operation and transportation
- 75mm and 100mm interchangeable line width options 
- Easily removable 20amp battery for charging on and off the vehicle 
- Ergonomic 'ski' design for sliding over terrain 
- Solenoid provides fine atomization of paint particles and immediate cut-off of spray

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