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Euro Slalom Poles x 4
Euro Slalom Poles x 4
Practice agility, foot speed and dribbling
- Safer elevated spring design
- 1550mm long plus spike
- Unique 2 piece design
- Easy to set up, only takes seconds
- Easily transportable 
- Includes set of 4 plus carry bag 

$49.00 $56.35 inc. GST
Speed Ladder 4m
Speed Ladder 4m
Improve your speed, agility and fitness
- 4m long
- Adjustable rungs
- Durable nylon straps
- Includes carry bag
- Also available in 8m long 

$26.08 $29.99 inc. GST
Training Cone - Single
Training Cone - Single
Fantastic training aid
- 220mm high witches hat cones
- Versatile and easy to set up
- Price is for one cone
- Also available in Set of 20

$2.40 $2.76 inc. GST
Pink Incrediball Cricket Ball
Day/night tests in the backyard!
- Firm plastic cricket ball
$8.50 $9.77 inc. GST
Great new product for protecting your cleats/boots and keeping the car/house clean.
The Cleatskin slides over your boots and provides extra traction while also keeping the car, house etc clean from mud and grass.
**Ideal for children who wear their boots all Saturday!**
- Travel to and from the pitch with ease, never carry another pair of shoes to your game again
- Protect your ankles, don’t roll your ankles trying to walk in sprigs on concrete 
- Protect sprigs, where Cleatskins on any surface
- Don’t treat mud and grass into the car and/or house…parents LOVE these!
Cleatskins come in a range of colours including white, black, navy and red.
Cleatskins come in different sizes including medium, med/large, large and extra large.

$8.00 $9.20 inc. GST
Training Bibs
Training Bibs
High visibility mesh bibs
- Machine washable
- Red or yellow
- Adult or youth 

$6.90 $7.93 inc. GST
Dome Cones - Single
Dome Cones - Single
Great training aid
- Versatile and easy to use
- Brightly coloured for high visibility 
- Also available in set of 40 

$1.75 $2.01 inc. GST
Dome Cones - Set of 40
Dome Cones - Set of 40
Fantastic training aid
- Versatile and easy to use
- Brightly coloured for high visibility
- Price is for set of 40 Dome cones on holder
- Also available to purchase singularly 

$39.13 $45.00 inc. GST

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