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  • Mini Drag Mat 

    Mini Drag Mat 

    - Electro-galvanised

    - 900mm wide x 1.2m long

    - Drag bar, rope and handle 

    - Larger sizes also available - View these under Tools > Drag Mats

    $239.00 $274.85 inc. GST
  • Greenskeeper Levelawn - 760mm

    Greenskeeper Levelawn - 760mm

    Ideal for spreading top soil
    - 760mm wide
    - Lightweight yet strong
    - 1.8m wooden handle
    - Channel design
    - Three inner bars are open at the top to catch any small stones
    - Front and rear bars angled to remove any excess material

    $159.00 $182.85 inc. GST
  • Turf Doctor 15cm

    Turf Doctor 15cm

    Square cut turf repairer
    - Use on bowlers run ups, football goal mouths, chemical/oil spills
    - Cuts inverted pyramid shaped sods for patching and repairing small areas
    - Each sod fits quickly and neatly into every hole
    - True surface level is maintained
    - Repairs can be played on straight away
    - Complete repair can be made with no gaps left between the sods
    - Size 150mm 

    $325.00 $373.75 inc. GST
  • Seeding Rake

    Seeding Rake

    Ideal for seed beds
    - Long thin tines
    - Wooden handle 

    $85.00 $97.75 inc. GST
  • 3 Tine Hand Aerator

    3 Tine Hand Aerator

    Ideal for aerating small areas of turf
    - Aerating areas where compaction has occurred
    - Adding water percolation where soil has become moisture repellent
    - Cores ejected from top of tine bar
    - 3 x 12mm top eject tines 

    $159.00 $182.85 inc. GST

We supply a wide range of professional turf management tools which are ideal for turf managers, landscapers or residential users.

Please use the highlighted menu on the left of the screen under Tools to select the different categories of tools. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions regarding any of these products.

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