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3 Tine Hand Aerator
3 Tine Hand Aerator
Ideal for aerating small areas of turf
- Aerating areas where compaction has occurred
- Adding water percolation where soil has become moisture repellent
- Cores ejected from top of tine bar
- 3 x 12mm top eject tines 

$159.00 $182.85 inc. GST
Scarifying Rake
Scarifying Rake
Great for working up compacted surfaces
- Thin steel blades
- Double sided 

$39.00 $44.85 inc. GST
Soil Probe 25mm
Soil Probe 25mm
Ideal for inspecting soil profile
- Robust steel probe
- Hardened steel cutter
- Open sided 300mm barrel and 300mm extension bar
- Designed for sports fields, golf courses and other situations where a deep core is required
- 2kgs

$245.00 $281.75 inc. GST

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