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Precision Hose Nozzle
Precision Hose Nozzle
Solid Metal Professional Nozzle
- They’ve been described as “overkill”. If we’re talking performance versus the competition...they’re right.

- Unmatched water distribution technology delivered in a precision-built solid metal powerhouse begs the question, “Does anyone really need a nozzle this good?” Thousands of irrigation professionals have already answered with a resounding, “YES!”

- Millions of soft, uniform droplets provide rapid yet surprisingly gentle water application.

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Magnum Hose Nozzle
Magnum Hose Nozzle
All Metal Industrial Nozzle
- Do you know why your expensive “metal” nozzle isn’t working the way it used to?

- Plastic internal parts that break, stick, and wear out. See for yourself...take yours apart. Then throw it away and get the nozzle that will be by your side for years, giving you the same beautiful pattern, day after day.

- Underhill™ MAGNUM™ solid metal, true fire hose quality hose end nozzle.

- Won’t solid metal wear out, too? Well, eventually, maybe. But let’s just say you’ll probably wear out before your MAGNUM™ does.

$145.00 $166.75 inc. GST
Cool Pro Nozzle
Cool Pro Nozzle
Professional Turf Cooling Nozzle
- A hot summer day can be murder on your turf but overwatering can leave too much moisture within your soil profile.

- Cool Pro™ is a dedicated hose nozzle with a single purpose: cooling turf on hot summer days WITHOUT overwatering.

- Patented Precison™ nozzle fogs under pressure to deliver only 4gpm.

- Ergonomic handle valve provides easy grip and variable on/off control.

- Solid metal design uses zinc and aircraft aluminum for durability.

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