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Pellet Pro
Pellet Pro
Wetting Agent Pellet Applicator Gun
- Ideal tool for applying Floratine pelletised wetting agents—Pervade Max and Retain Max

- Pellets are ideal for targeting small areas of turf without the set-up time of a boom sprayer

- Simply connect the applicator to the end of a hose, insert the pellet and you are away!

- So easy and very cost effective

$299.00 $343.85 inc. GST
Liquid Pro
Liquid Pro
Applicator Gun for Liquid Wetting Agents
- Simple tool for applying liquid wetting agents and other products

- Patented Precision™Cloudburst™ nozzle evenly distributes wetting agent insuring uniform coverage and is made of aircraft aluminium and stainless steel

- Lightweight, durable nylon construction—UV-protected and chemical resistant

$419.00 $481.85 inc. GST

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