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We offer two major scoreboard brands...
Clever Score offering flip style digits or the new Quickscore LED Smart Scoreboards!
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Clever Score modules:

The innovative design means there are no loose digits to lose or break, and are virtually indestructible. The Clever Score modules are lightweight and so simple to use - just flip the digit panels. Visible from up to 250m, you can be sure no score will be missed.

We have ready made scoreboards, or we can custom make a scoreboard to suit your needs.

Quickscore LED Smart Scoreboards:

New SMART technology is perfect for cricket, rugby, football, hockey, even athletics. It lets you update your scoreboard instantly using the app. Multi-functional, digital advertising platform, QS mirroring, QS Live mirroring and CricHQ compatible, these fully weatherproof LED scoreboards are a game changer. 
Check out the Quickscore scoreboards information page here.

See our extensive range of scoreboards below, or contact us to discuss your requirements.

  • Quickscore SMART Scoreboards

    Quickscore LED SMART Scoreboard

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    New SMART technology is perfect for Cricket, Rugby, Football, Hockey, even Athletics - and it lets you update your scoreboard instantly using the a...

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