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Relocation Sale!

We have outgrown our current factory in Sydenham, Christchurch so we are soon to move to bigger premises at 455 Blenheim Road, in Sockburn, Christchurch. 

Moving is going to be a big task so, to help lighten the load, we are having a sale! Click on the below headings to see what is on sale!

Backyard sports gear Landscaping and turf
Golf Cricket
Netting Volleyball
Basketball Netball
Gioca Grip Socks and Footless Socks Moving sale - Perennial

To summarise...

BACKYARD SPORTS GEAR: up to 50% off selected items (great Christmas present ideas!)

BADMINTON: 40% off posts

BASKETBALL: up to 20% off selected training gear and nets

CRICKET:  up to 20% off selected training gear

FITNESS TRAINING: up to 20% off selected training gear

FOOTBALL: 5 to 50% off selected mini goals, and 10% off training gear and bibs, 25% off Deploy Footballs

GIOCA GRIP SOCKS: 15% off Gioca Grips and Footless Socks 

GOLF: 5% off selected cup, flags and poles

HOCKEY:  up to 20% off selected training gear and nets

LANDSCAPING & TURF: 10% off Drag Mats

LINE MARKING: 15% selected machines and 10% off paint

NETBALL: up to 20% off selected training gear and nets

NETTING: 10% off selected, volleyball, netball, basketball

TENNIS: 10% off nets and 20% off selected training gear

VOLLEYBALL:  up to 20% off selected training gear and nets on the headings or images above to view the products on sale!

Moving Sale on for a limited time, while stocks last.