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Pro X

Tiny Mobile Robot GPS Line Marker

Pro X

Robust and versatile

No need to measure!

Simply select the desired field template on the tablet and press start

Tiny Mobile Robot GPS Line Marker

Does the work, so you don't have to!

Professional sports line marking has never been easier - just select the template and push start!


Ideal for Multi-Sport Complexes: The Pro X is made to handle demanding line marking. With several templates included, you simply select the marking required and then plot the location using GPS.


Easy to Learn and Set Up: A Perennial team member will personally delivery the Pro X to your sports ground. They will provide onsite training and help set up templates and GPS location. The Robot comes already charged and programmed, ready to use straight away. Simple commands allows you to create, resize, copy or move pitches in minutes. The tablet supports automatic and manual mode, making it easy to use.


No Need to Measure: Instead of measuring angles and distances by hand at the beginning of every season, simply select the desired field layout and press start. Seasons change, grass grows and paint wears off, but the field layouts are always right there on the tablet. Remark by simply selecting the field required and press start.


Paints a Football Field in Less Than 20 Minutes: With a marking speed of 1.0m/s, not only does the Tiny Mobile Robot line mark automatically, but it does so at an efficient speed, saving you a lot of time.


10L Capacity: The Pro X holds 10 litres of paint, meaning less time filling and more time painting. The 'Low Paint Alert' feature sends a notification to the tablet when it's time to refill the paint.


High Traction Pro Wheels: Even in rough weather or uneven ground, the high traction pro wheels ensure this line marker paints without disruption.


5 Hours Battery Life: The Tiny Mobile Robot Pro X can paint for 5 hours on one full battery charge. Multi-select allows you to queue the fields on the tablet so you just press start once and the Pro X does all the work.


35kg Unit Weight: Able to be lifted by one person, the Pro X is easily portable and fits in the back of a vehicle for easy transportability.


1.2cm Accuracy: The Tiny Mobile Robot Pro X uses GPS to simply set field location on the tablet. Then simply press go and watch the Pro X do all the hard work.


Custom Logo Feature: Paint your own custom logos and text on your field. Simply upload an image, and select where you'd like it painted, in whatever size you require.

The PRO X is designed for multi-sport complexes, such as councils and service providers.

For clubs, schools, and universities, we recommend the more compact SPORT model. Click HERE for more information on the Tiny Mobile Robot SPORT.

Introducing the Tiny Line Marker Pro X

See the Tiny Mobile Robot in Action