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We manufacture our own rugby and rugby league posts in a range of sizes from Junior (6m) to Stadium (16m). We also stock combination football/rugby posts. You can install the posts yourself or we can install for you.


  • GIOCA Grips Performance Socks white
    GIOCA Grips Performance Socks black

    GIOCA Grips Socks

    $34.99 NZD
    $30.43 NZD excl GST

    GIOCA Grips Performance Socks have pads that are designed to create optimum stability for every athlete. GIOCA Grips Performance socks allows every...

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  • Gioca Footless Socks - white
    Gioca Footless Socks - black

    GIOCA Footless Socks

    $17.00 NZD
    $14.78 NZD excl GST

    GIOCA Footless Socks have been designed to support the comfort of athletes and accompany a trend in modern day football. Compression and elastic p...

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  • GIOCA Strapping Tape

    $8.99 NZD
    $7.82 NZD excl GST

    GIOCA Performance Strapping is best used for strapping your cut socks, shin pads and to support ankles, wrists, knees and elbows.  Lightweight, br...

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