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Tiny Line Marker Mobile Robots

SPORT  and  PRO models

Perennial is proud to now stock the revolutionary Tiny Mobile Robots
- the World's fastest line marker robot!
No more strings and measuring by hand: initial markings are just like re-markings.
100% autonomous GPS line marking robot to free up time for groundsmen
50+ field types which can be scaled and modified
Fast, accurate and repeatable line markings every time
Works day and night even in rough weather

The Tiny Mobile Robot comes in two models - Sport and Pro 

Check out the information below to compare.

Tiny Mobile Robot SPORT

Tiny Mobile Robot Sport
Ideal for schools and clubs

Lightweight, transportable

One template included

Other templates available

5L paint capacity

0.7m/s marking speed

Click HERE for more information on the SPORT model

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Tiny Mobile Robot Pro
Ideal for multi-sports complexes

Handles demanding line marking

Easy to use

All templates included

10L paint capacity

1.0m/s marking speed

Click HERE for more information on the PRO model

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Perennial Tiny Line Marker Robot

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      Tiny Mobile Robot templates

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