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Tiny Mobile Robot

Perennial is proud to now stock the revolutionary Tiny Mobile Robots
- the World's fastest line marker robot!
No more strings and measuring by hand: initial markings are just like re-markings
  • 100% autonomous GPS line marking robot to free up time for groundsmen
  • 50+ field types which can be scaled and modified
  • Fast, accurate and repeatable line markings every time
  • Works day and night even in rough weather

    Paint field in <20 minutes
    Adjust field layout, press start and let the robot paint while you tend to the goals, holes, wear and tear of the fields. This improves not only the fields, but the overall turf quality.

    First markings of new season
    Instead of measuring angles and distances by hand at the beginning of every season, simply select the desired field lay-out and press start. The Tiny Robot Marker takes care of the rest.

    Lines never disappear
    Seasons change, grass grows, paint wears off - and lines fade and must be remarked. But the pitches are always right there on the tablet, ready to be marked again.

    Simple commands
    Create, resize, copy or move pitches in minutes. The tablet supports automatic and manual mode, making it easier for groundsmen to do line marking work.

      Perennial Tiny Line Marker Robot

      The Tiny Mobile Robot comes in two models - Pro and Sport 
      Check out the information below to compare.

      Tiny Mobile Robot PRO

      • Carries 10L of paint, allowing more fields to be marked without filling up
      • Larger wheels for increased traction in wet or muddy conditions
      • ALL sports templates are included in the purchase price
      • Faster marking speed

      Tiny Mobile Robot SPORT

      • Smaller, lighter Robot
      • Carries 5L of paint
      • Smaller wheels
      • New ultrasonic sensor at front of Robot to prevent impact
      • Slightly slower than the PRO
      • Includes a range of standard field templates
      • Additional sports group templates are available for an additional cost
      • One additional sports group is included free of charge with the Robot Sport

      Click here to view the informative e-book

      Tiny Mobile Robot templates

      Contact us to discuss your requirements.