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Sumi Soaker R

$87.40 NZD
$76.00 NZD excl GST

Our most popular hose - ideal for cricket, golf, bowling greens, nurseries and composting


  • 10m wide spray pattern and up to 100m long 
  • Includes 12mm and 18mm click-on tap adapters, filter and adjustable tube stopper 
  • Application rate 9mm/hour
  • Required flow rate 1.5L per metre per minute
  • Maximum recommended pressure 2 bar / 29 psi / 200kpa
  • Available to purchase with or without a winder
  • Variety of lengths and winders available:
    - No Winder: Sumi hose and fittings only
    - On Winder: Sumi hose and fittings packaged on Winder:
           Plastic handheld winder, suitable for up to 37 length hose
           Steel Winder with stand and handle, suitable for 50m - 100m length hose
  • Additional fitting set also available to purchase separately. Fitting set includes:
       - End Stopper
       - Tube Filter
       - Screw Nipple
       - Reducing Hex Socket 40x20
       - 12mm and 18mm Sprinkler Adaptors
       - Screw Joint

    Please contact us if you would like a different length and we can do our best to supply.

Please view the attached video for an example of a market garden setting up the Sumi R hose, including fittings.