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Portable Sportfield Lighting

Tiny Mobile Line Marker GPS Robot Tiny Mobile Line Marker GPS Robot


"A football field of light established in 30 seconds with minimal transport resources and energy demand"


With the evenings getting darker, it's essential to keep your matches and trainings well-lit and safe.

Tiny Mobile Line Marker GPS Robot Tiny Mobile Line Marker GPS Robot

Game changer

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A Baselight offers several benefits to sports facilities and training options:


Superior Lighting: Baselight provides high-quality illumination, ensuring visibility on the sports field during matches, training sessions, and events. The powerful LED lights offer consistent and bright lighting, enhancing players’ performance and spectators’ experience.


Versatility: Baselight's flexibility allows it to be used in various sports facilities, both indoor and outdoor. It can be easily maneuvered to suit different sports and training requirements, making it a versatile lighting solution.


Ease of Setup: Baselight’s user-friendly design allows for quick and
hassle-free setup. With features like the manual mast system, it can be
deployed by a single person without the need for specialized training
or certification.


Portability: Being lightweight and easily transportable, Baselight
offers mobility and can be quickly moved between different sports
venues or training areas, providing on-demand lighting wherever it is


Efficiency and Cost-Effectiveness: Baselight’s energy-efficient LED
technology consumes less power, reducing electricity costs for sports
facilities. Additionally, the long-lasting LED lights require minimal
maintenance, further contributing to cost savings.


Environmental Friendliness: As Baselight operates with zero emissions and minimal noise, it aligns with sustainable practices, making it an eco-friendly lighting solution for sports facilities and outdoor training areas.


Adaptable Lighting Levels: With the ability to adjust the lighting intensity, Baselight can cater to different training needs. From dimming the lights for low-intensity exercises to providing bright illumination for intense matches, it ensures suitable lighting for all scenarios.


Extended Training Hours: Baselight allows sports facilities to extend their training hours into the evenings or nights, enabling athletes to practice under optimal lighting conditions and making better use of the available facility time.


Temporary Lighting Solutions: For events or sports activities that require temporary lighting, Baselight offers a convenient and effective solution. It can be quickly set up and removed as needed, providing adequate lighting for special occasions.

Tiny Mobile Line Marker GPS Robot

Overall, Baselight enhances the functionality and efficiency of sports facilities and training options, ensuring better visibility, safety, and overall performance for athletes and coaches alike.

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