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Drag Mats

$275.00 NZD
$239.13 NZD excl GST

Excellent tool for evenly spreading soil and sand


  • Electro-galvanized, mesh (Monster size is a much heavier mesh)
  • Come with drag bar, rope or chain (depending on size) and handle
  • Five sizes available
      Mini 900mm wide x 1.2m long, with tow rope, 9.3kg
      Medium 1.5m wide x 900mm long, with tow rope, 11kg - Sorry, sold out
      Large 1.8m wide x 1.8m long, with tow rope, 25.5kg - Sorry, sold out
      Maxi 2m wide x 1.2m long, with tow chain, 26kg
      Monster heavier mesh, 1.8m wide x 1.2m long, with tow chain, 42kg (approx)