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Precision Hose Nozzle

$100.05 NZD
$87.00 NZD excl GST

Solid metal professional nozzle - four models to choose from


  • Unmatched water distribution technology in a precision-built solid metal powerhouse
  • Millions of soft, uniform droplets provide rapid yet surprisingly gentle water application
  • Solid brass, machined construction
  • Rubber-tipped ends made for commercial use and longevity
  • Use with High Flow Valve (sold separately)
  • When purchasing all four nozzles, High Flow Valve is free of charge.

Four Nozzles to choose from:

  • Rainbow™: Ideal for greens, tees, seed beds, transplants, delicate landscaping (15 GPM)
  • Rainmaker™: Ideal for syrings and spot watering and hardy landscapes (23 GPM)
  • Cloudburst™: Ideal for dry spots, drenching, and wetting agent application (35+ GPM)
  • Cyclone™: Ideal for Pre-game skins watering, heavy watering of large areas, hyrdroseeding (50+ GPM)

Note: GPM will vary with pressure at nozzle