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Sumi Multi

$50.60 NZD
$44.00 NZD excl GST

Low pressure hose with low spray pattern - good for berms and bowling green ends


  • 3m wide and up to 200m long
  • Very low spray pattern - less water lost in wind
  • Apply water to roots not leaves
  • Includes 12mm or 18mm click-on tap adaptors and adjustable tube stopper
  • Application rate 5.5mm/hour
  • Required flow rate 0.45L/minute
  • Max recommended pressure 0.4 bar / 5.8 psi / 40 kpa
  • Available to purchase with plastic or steel winder, or no winder (please note: the plastic winder is handheld, whereas the steel winder stands on the ground)
  • Additional Fittings set available to purchase separately, this Fitting Set includes:
      - End Stopper
      - Tube Filter
      - Reducing Coupling 25mm x 1"
      - 12mm & 18mm Tap Adaptors
      - Tube Joiner (not included with original hose and fittings, but available in this additional set)
  • Please note: Sumi Multi hoses are low pressure hoses. If using this on your own town water supply we recommend using the more robust Sumi R hose.