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Rugby posts in your own backyard!? Yes - it is possible with our range of portable or semi-permanent post options.
Samba rugby posts

Samba Rugby Posts


$399.00 NZD
$346.96 NZD excl GST

Perfect for juniors or backyard - only 13kg Features 3.65m high x 2.9m wide with 2m high cross bar Secured by unique ' no holes' system High quali...

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Resistance Chute

Resistance Chute

Pro Sport

$24.99 NZD
$21.73 NZD excl GST

Features Increase leg and core strength and speed Adjustable to suit player age

Evasion Belt

Evasion Belt


$15.00 NZD
$13.04 NZD excl GST

Features Velcro connection is broken when attacker evades defender Carry bag included 

Speed ladder with grass spikes and carry bag
Speed Ladder

Speed Ladder


from $25.00 NZD
$21.74 NZD excl GST

Improve your speed, agility and fitness Features Available in 4m or 8m length Adjustable rungs D clips to secure ladder to ground Durable nylon s...

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Ribbon Hurdle - set of 4, 9 inch
Ribbon Hurdle - set of 4, 6 inch

Ribbon Hurdle - set of 4


from $29.00 NZD
$25.22 NZD excl GST

Features Pack of four fixed height hurdles Bounce back construction Lightweight and durable Superior one-piece twist design Three heights available

Economy Adjustable Hurdle Kit

Economy Adjustable Hurdle Kit


$45.00 NZD
$39.13 NZD excl GST

Features Four hurdles and nylon mesh bag Adjust from 6 to 12 inch height Dismantle for transport

Gear bag

Gear Bags


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Variety of gear bags available, priced from $49

Slotted Cones pop back up
Slotted Cones

Slotted Cones x6


$19.00 NZD
$16.52 NZD excl GST

Professional and versatile training aid Features Made from a high performance plastic, so cones pop back in to shape Pack of 6 cones

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