Outdoor - QuickScore LED Smart Scoreboard

New SMART technology is perfect for Cricket, Rugby, Football, Hockey, even Athletics - and it lets you update your scoreboard instantly using the app!

The QS Media Player App allows the scoreboard to easily convert into a video screen which can be used for outdoor cinema, events, parties, lessons and more.
Digital Advertising Platform
The Quickscore digital advertising 
platform is completely customised to your needs, whether you have lots of advertisers or none at all. 
QS Mirroring
Plug the Quickscore HDMI dongle to the back of the TV in your clubrooms to replicate the live scoreboard.
QS Live Mirroring
Remotely follow your team's live scoreboard with the live updates as they happen.

CricHQ Compatible
Quickscore scoreboards can run through CricHQ. Just use CricHQ for your scoring and the scoreboard does the rest!        
No need to run two systems.

Multi-sport scoreboard solution

Quickscore scoreboards seamlessly adapt to many sports







Scoreboard Features


Full colour LED Screen

Modular Design


Low power consumption

Ultra bright LED display showing in depth data, videos and 3D graphics. Modular design allows for easy installation and maintenance. Suitable for use in all weather conditions. Low power consumption for cost effective running.

Quickscore LED Smart Scoreboards come with a ONE year warranty!

Quickscore scoreboards are available in two sizes:

QS 100

QS 200

2560 x 1280 x 119 mm Dimensions 3200 x 1920 x 119 mm
10 - 120 meters Optimal viewing distance 10 - 150 metres
256 x 128 Resolution 320 x 192
120 kg Weight 225 kg
100,000 hours LED lifetime 100,000 hours

Contact us to discuss your requirements so we can personalise a quote for you.