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Indoor Quickscore LED Smart Scoreboards

Upgrade your sport with Smart technology

Quickscore LED Smart Scoreboards

Multi-use high resolution screen for sport scoring, logos, videos, lessons and more

Indoor Quickscore LED Smart Scoreboards

with multiple mounting options to suit your requirements

The Quickscore range of INDOOR LED screens can be used by schools, universities, and multi-sport facilities for a wide range of sports, as well as presentations, assemblies, and more.


1. Versatile Display: The QS Media Player App transforms the scoreboard into a video screen for various uses like assemblies, trainings, events, and lessons.

2. Customizable Advertising: Personalise the Quickscore digital advertising platform to suit your specific needs, by adding your club or sponsor logos.

3. QS Mirroring: Easily replicate the live scoreboard on other TV screens using the Quickscore HDMI dongle.

4. PlayHQ Integration: Scores are displayed directly from PlayHQ, CricHQ, and NVPlay.

5. High-Resolution Screen: Showcase sponsor logos, player photos, profiles, substitutions, videos and more in high detail.

6. Energy Efficient: Quickscore Scoreboards are designed to be economical with low power consumption.

7. Adaptive Brightness: Ambient light sensors adjust screen brightness according to lighting conditions.

8. Multiple Mounting Options: Whether you require the scoreboard on a wall, hanging from a ceiling, or on a portable stand, we can customise a solution for you.

9. Remote Control: Manage the scoreboard using an app on your tablet or phone.


1. Convenience: Easily convert the scoreboard into a video screen for multiple purposes.

2. Flexibility: Customize your advertising platform to match your needs.

3. Ease of Use: Quickly replicate the scoreboard on other TV's.

4. Real-Time Updates: Follow your team's live scoreboard remotely with instant updates.

5. Simplified Scoring: No need for dual scoring systems; scores from PlayHQ and others are automatically displayed.

6. Professional Presentation: Display detailed and visually appealing information.

7. Cost Savings: Low power consumption means reduced operational costs.

8. Optimal Visibility: Screen brightness automatically adjusts for the best viewing experience.

9. Versatile Installation: Suitable for various environments with easy mounting options.

10. User-Friendly Management: Control the scoreboard seamlessly with a mobile app.

Multiple Mounting Options

Multiple Mounting Options

Perennial is proud to offer several mounting options for Quickscore Scoreboards, no matter the size.

Attached to a wall or ceiling, or attached to a portable stand with wheels, Perennial will custom make an option to suit your requirements.

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Professional Installation Service

The team at Perennial will travel to install and set up your Quickscore Scoreboard for you.

Tech Support

Our expert staff based in NZ will help are just a phone call away if you ever need them.

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