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Turf Striping Spray Paint (water-based)

$20.00 NZD
$17.39 NZD excl GST

Highly pigmented, water-based, lead-free striping paint that is safe on all surfaces. It will not cause leaf yellowing, root damage, or burn grass. 


  • Fast drying - 15 minutes to touch
  • High visibility colours - white, red and orange
  • Will not crack tennis court sealant
  • Water-based
  • VOC complaint and lead-free
  • Non-clogging spray tip
  • Excellent resistance to traffic, oil and gasoline
  • One case of aerosol paint will yield a 4-inch stripe approx. 243 metres.
  • Can be used with Striping Stick or Vers-a-Striper for turf surfaces
  • Ideal to be applied on grass or dirct, for line striping playgrounds, athletic fields, and sports grounds
  • May also be applied on concrete, cement, and other hard surfaces
  • Purchase singularly, or purchase a box of 12 cans at a discounted price

    *Please note: Courier companies class aerosol spray cans as 'Dangerous Goods', hence the slightly higher delivery fee