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Aluminium Rugby Posts with Hinge Base - 16m

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Our Aluminium Rugby Posts with a Hinge Base are very popular! They are easy to install and take down by two people. Our Hinge Base Posts come in a range of sizes, from 9m - 16m.


  • Size: 16m high Posts: Tapered upright, 89mm crossbar, includes hinge base, three-piece upright, 5.6m wide. Used in international stadiums!
  • Safer than steel or timber posts
  • FIVE year warranty
  • Posts and concrete footings approved by Kirk Roberts Engineers Ltd
  • Lightweight and easy to erect 
  • Hinge base allows for easy installation and removal of posts, with Hiab/Crane for 12m - 16m height
  • Installation service by our experienced team is highly recommended
  • Includes black stripe on cross bar, or we can add your club/school colours - contact us to discuss
  • Rugby Posts sold individually - one end of field
  • Please note: Installation of 16m high rugby posts is subject to an Engineer's report on ground and atmospheric conditions

Benefits of Hinged Base Rugby Posts:

  • Secure Installation: Base is concreted into ground with base plate sitting just below ground level
  • Simple Assembly: Base of Post has hinge plate that simply bolts onto the base plate unit
  • Straight-forward Setup: Posts are then lifted upright by Hiab/Crane and bolted securely
  • Convenient Removal: Easily take down Posts by unbolting bases and gently lowering posts down with Hiab/Crane
  • Easy Storage: Posts can then be detached from base plates and stored
  • Seamless Integration: Plates in ground can then be covered by turf, hidden until next season

For other sizes, or the Hinge Base style Rugby Posts, please view our separate listings.

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