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Baselight 320X

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Zero emission IP65 waterproof

The 320X series strikes the perfect balance between cutting edge technological advancements and simplicity, providing 45,000 lumens of LED light with minimal set-up and ongoing maintenance to allow work to commence almost immediately.
The initial idea around Baselight was to design a product that would replace the traditional, cumbersome light towers of years past by effectively utilising technological advancements. The 320X is the very embodiment of that vision, providing lighting levels that trump the bulky towers on a unit that weighs just 33kg and is easily transportable by a single person.

The 320X is the earliest version of the Baselight. With a manual mast system and lightweight design, the focus is heavily on ease-of-use for the operator whilst delivering maximum power with zero emissions. By being kind to the user and kind to the environment, the 320X is the perfect temporary lighting solution for those prioritising simplicity.

Modular design

The power output outperforms any units around the same size and weight, putting the 320X way above the bracket of any potential alternative. For context, typical street lighting ranges from 6,000 to 18,000 lumens, meaning that one single Baselight 320X provides as much light as up to 7.5 streetlights, whilst also being dimmable to suit any situation and prevent unnecessary light pollution.

Setting an early benchmark for the entire Baselight range, the 320X ensures zero emissions and maximum safety when in use. Additionally, the unit is light and compact enough to be transported and carried easily to the required location.

320X Features:

  • Zero emission
  • 45,000 lumens – Half a football pitch of light using just 350W and dimmable to 20W
  • Ergonomically placed lifting handles
  • IP65 waterproof
  • Manual Mast – Adjustable height from 1.2m to 4.3m
  • Clip-on off-road wheels for all-terrain easy manoeuvrability (Supplied separately)
  • Adjustable leg height on each leg to provide stability on uneven ground.
  • 110V-230V power source required

320X Dimensions & specification

  • Weight = 33KG
  • Height = 1.2 – 4.3m
  • Maximum Wattage = 20-350w
  • Run-time on full power = 5.5-100hrs
  • Lumens = 45,000