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Baselight 420MX

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Boasting an impressive 65,000 lumens from the LED array, the 420MX is the middle of the range automated digital mast system that can light up half a rugby field. With several accessories available, it is the best way to keep track and see what is going on, even when you're not there.

420MX Features

  • Zero emission
  • 65,000 lumens – Half a football pitch of light using just 450W and dimmable to 20W
  • Ergonomically placed lifting handles – Strategically placed to enable 2 person lift
  • IP65 waterproof
  • Automatic Mast – Fully automated features of the Baselight 420MX enable a rapid deployment. Retractable, digital mast controlled by onboard computer.
  • Clip-on off-road wheels for all-terrain easy manoeuvrability (supplied separately here)
  • Adjustable leg height on each leg to provide stability on uneven ground.
  • Power source required
  • Baselight Lithium-ion Battery 2kWh (supplied separately here)

420MX Dimensions & specification

  • Weight = 45KG
  • Height = 1.2 – 4.3m
  • Maximum Wattage = 20-450w
  • Run-time on full power = 3-100hrs
  • Lumens = 65,000



The Baselight MX series represents the world's most advanced Wide area lighting solutions - a truly portable all-in-one area lighting system. It relies on an automated, digital mast system controlled by an onboard computer. Timer functions, automatic height to wind speed, over-the-air software updates, smartphone control.

App Controlled For Ease Of Use

The Baselight series comes with two control capabilities. For manual control, it uses the control panel on the chassis. The software control uses Android mobile apps, which give the user greater flexibility and additional lighting modes.


Download the app below: