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Baselight 420X

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The Baselight 420X follows the path of its predecessor with that bit of extra ‘oomph’. This edition ensures an equally easy transportation followed by a simple set up, offering up to 65,000 lumens of light from high power LED lighting and complete control for the user. If ease-of-use and increased power output is the priority, the 420X can tick your boxes.

As part of the X series, ease-of-use and versatility come as standard. The 420X can be deployed by one person in just 30 seconds without the use of any machinery and can be configured as either a 180° or 360° dimmable floodlight to eliminate unnecessary light pollution whilst still adhering to the unique demands of any situation. Owing to the unit’s simplicity and safety, set up and operation of any Baselight unit requires no prior certification or training for either indoor or outdoor use.

The 65,000 lumens of LED high power from the 420X provides goes beyond trebling the average of 20,000 lumens from floodlights used for lighting sports pitches for training and matches, covering up to an entire acre of space with just a singular Baselight 420X unit.

Being powered by a specially designed rechargeable lithium-ion battery (sold separately) means environmental care, producing zero emissions and spillage and from an almost-silent lighting unit. Check it out here. 

420X Features

  • Zero emission
  • 65,000 lumens – Half a football pitch of light using just 450W and dimmable to 20W
  • Ergonomically placed lifting handles
  • IP65 waterproof
  • Manual Mast – Adjustable height from 1.2m to 4.3m
  • Clip-on off-road wheels for all-terrain easy manoeuvrability (supplied separately here)
  • Adjustable leg height on each leg to provide stability on uneven ground.
  • 110V power source required
  • Baselight Lithium-ion Battery 2kWh (supplied separately here)

420X Dimensions & specification

  • Weight = 35KG
  • Height = 1.2 – 4.3m
  • Maximum Wattage = 20-450w
  • Run-time on full power = 4.75-100hrs
  • Lumens = 65,000