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Deluxe Aluminium Putting Cup - Locking and Non Locking

$88.00 NZD
$76.52 NZD excl GST


  • Cast, machined deluxe aluminium cup
  • Anodised finish
  • Plastic white insert / liner
  • Fit ferrule size - D
  • Slightly tapered sides allow for easier setting and lifting
  • 105mm diameter at very base of cup, with 108mm diameter at top cup edge, 152mm tall
  • Purchase individually or as a set of 9
  • Non-Locking Cup fits D Ferrule
  • Locking Cup is designed to fit DG or Tacit Locking Cups, to eliminate pole movement and reduce wear. Standard D Ferrules to fit into Locking Cup, but flagpole will still spin