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Quickscore LED SMART Scoreboard

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New SMART technology is perfect for Cricket, Rugby, Football, Hockey, even Athletics - and it lets you update your scoreboard instantly using the app!

Click here to view our Quickscore LED Smart Scoreboard information page.

View the selection of videos (in the photo panel to the left) to see how the Quickscore LED SMART Scoreboard can enhance your game. 


  • Full colour LED screen

  • Modular design

  • Weatherproof

  • Low power consumption

  • Control the scoreboard via the PlayHQ app on your smartphone, tablet or laptop

  • Plug the Quickscore HDMI dongle into the TV in your clubroom and the live scoreboard will show there too

  • Customise your scoreboard - add your club's logo and/or your sponsors' logos

  • Available in sizes: (width x height)

        QS25    1280 x 640mm    
        QS40    960 x 960mm
        QS50    1280 x 1280mm
        QS75    1280 x 1920mm 
        QS80    1920 x 960mm 
        QS100   2560 x 1280mm
        QS150   2560 x 1920mm
        QS200+ 3840 x 1920mm
        QS400   5120 x 2560mm

  • One year warranty